Why I Would Hire Nicole Spears

sjtmwwgtp38zuqaz719uLet me be clear in saying that I have never seen Nicole Spears resume.

Nor have I ever met her in person.

But I’ve had some interaction with her online, and she appears to be extremely driven, which is something I value.

From what I know she’s a Junior PR major at Ohio University, and she’s clearly learned a thing or two along the way.

My first encounter with Nicole was when she sent a tweet to @KetchumPR, an account I manage. To make a long story short, that tweet led to a series of tweets that prompted her to do something that allowed her to meet the CEO of Ketchum at an event. That experience then gave her the opportunity to write a guest blog post for Ketchum titled, “How a College Student Caught the Attention of Ketchum’s CEO.”

Did you catch that? She managed to not only meet the CEO, but also scored a guest blog post for one of the largest communication firms in the world.

If you’re in PR, or are in the general business world, you know that relationships are crucial. And Nicole could be teaching Relationships 101 or Business Networking 101 with her eyes closed.

I knew she was different, but when I received her holiday card that pretty much sealed the deal.

  • She sent a card in the mail. [Bonus points.]
  • It included a nice message, and also a reminder about previous interaction. [Refreshed my memory about the relationship.]
  • It also included her business card. [A professional touch.]

Again, I’ve never seen her professional work outside of the blog post previously mentioned, but she’s good. I just know it. And if you have the opportunity to hire her, do it. She’s going to be great.

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