How to Create a Facebook Page Without Connecting it to a Profile

Unfortunately when I made the Facebook page for my employer I wasn’t aware that you could do so without also creating a profile. I’ve since learned that it is in fact possible and want to share the information with you. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Scroll to the bottom and look for “Advertising” in the footer – click it This has changed a bit. On the Facebook hompage you now need to click “Create a Page,” located directly under the green sign-up button.
  3. Follow the directions under the “Official Page” section.
  4. Enter a valid email address (make sure you’ve chosen the “I do not have a Facebook account” option) and required info, and then validate.
  5. That’s it, your page has been created without connecting it to a profile

In the past the process was a bit more confusing, which made people think a Page had to be connected to a profile. Facebook has cleaned up the process a bit and it’s quite painless at this point.


  1. Brian says

    But can you unlink an existing page/profile without having to recreate a new page and lose the old page info or having to ask people to re “fan” the new page?

  2. Ryan Shell says

    Brian, to my knowledge that isn’t an option. I wish it was thought… While we’re at it, I also wish FB would allow you to change the page name, not the link, the name.

  3. Moira Murphy says

    Thanks for sharing you are great. I had created a page, and am going to keep it attached to my profile as it is for my Real Estate business. But good to know how to create a page separately going forward. You are correct it was really not clear before they updated it.

  4. says

    Is it still true you need a certain number of fans before you can have a stand alone company page? I have a fan page/ under groups listed as
    As to the above question not being able to unlink a fan page from a profile have you heard any rumblings from FB about being able to unlink them in the near future?

  5. Ryan Shell says


    Yes, a Facebook page must have 25 fans before you can claim a vanity URL. It sounds like you might be mixing terms though. Pages and Groups are two totally different things, even though they may look like the same thing. You can only claim a vanity URL (Ex. after getting 25 fans.

    I’ve not heard anything about Facebook allowing you to unlink a Page from a Profile just yet.

    Good questions, and thanks for leaving a comment.

  6. brian says

    Ryan, is there any downside to doing it this way rather than setting up a profile and then creating a fan page?

  7. says

    Thanks Ryan,

    I have been pondering re-launching my fan page for my business, but when I went through the process I was only able to do it by setting up a personal profile page to have it linked too!!

    Thanks for clarifying this issue, really, really helpful (and timely for me!)


  8. says

    Thank you for the advice. I already had a fan page for my company Green Nippers but I had to have a profile with it and found it hard to use. I’ve just created a new facebook page following your step by step guide above:

    I have not invited any fans to join as yet, but I was just wondering if there is any where on my page where I can add/invite fans or if I can join fan pages or groups?

    Thank you

  9. Ryan Shell says

    Geoff, glad I could help. Best of luck to you.

    Victoria, the invite friends feature still works, but the one drawback is that the feature allows you to invite friends of your profile… which doesn’t work because you don’t have the page connected to a profile.

  10. laura says

    Once you have a Fan Page, I have noticed that when I post on the Fan Page, it does it as the name of the business, but when I want to reply privately to a fan, it sends it as my personal profile/name. Any way around that kind of stuff?

  11. Ryan Shell says

    Laura, I’m assuming when you say privately you’re talking about a direct message. If the page is connected to you’re profile the profile will show up as the sender – the only way around that is to not have the Page connected to the profile. This is one of those things a ton of people would have liked to have known prior to setting up a Page.

    Thanks for the question.

  12. says


    This is good news. Thanks for sharing the instructions. Now that you’ve had yours up for a few weeks, have you noticed any glitches — or advantages to setting it up this way?

  13. Ryan Shell says

    Laura C, the real advantage might just be that it protects a business from being connected with any one person. Circle back to Laura’s comment just above yours… it will highlight a negative of having the page connected to a profile.

    Thank you for checking out the site.

  14. says

    I would never use this though. It’s one of those things – in my opinion – that is possible but not useful.

    Firstly, why would you want to have a Facebook Page if you don’t have a profile of yourself?

    Secondly, to create the Page, you have to be *in* Facebook, so again…what’s the point of not having a personal profile.

    Thirdly, if you have a personal profile, and just want to have a Page that’s independent from that profile, then that, too, does not make sense. For one reason, you can invite all your friends to the Page if it’s connected to your profile, and it’s it’s not, you can only increase your Fan count by other means.

  15. Ryan Shell says

    Jamaaludeen, some businesses don’t want to worry with a Page being connected to a profile. Having a Page and a Profile can cause confusion in searches. Also, I think some like the idea of it being a stand-alone thing that isn’t connected to a person or email account. Thanks for stopping by.

  16. Randi says

    Hey Ryan,

    I can be a little slow at times…I followed your instructions and made the assumption that I should not be logged in to my personal account. All seemed okay, until I went back in using the e-mail address provided in Step 6. At that time, the instructions displayed indicated I had to create a profile. So now I have a second profile.

    Please help or explain what I did wrong.


  17. laura says

    Thanks, I did create a page without a profile, second question now is: how can I invite people to become our fan? I know that I cannot get any friends but only fans (see your awnser to Victoria: Ryan Shell March 9, 2010 at 5:31 am), but how to send people invitations to like my page?

  18. Lisa says

    Hi Ryan,
    I have the same problem as Randi. I can’t seem to create a page without creating a profile. This is very frustrating!! Please help!

  19. Ryan Shell says

    Laura, this is one of the limitations of not having “friends” to send your page too. You’ll need to publicize your FB page on your website and share it via email / twitter – those tactics will likely be your fastest way to attract attention.

  20. Ryan Shell says

    Lisa/Randi, I’m not sure where you are getting tripped up. If you follow the directions you should be able to chose an option that says you do not have a Facebook account.

  21. Lweeks says

    I’ve tried this and when I go to my email to validate it’s creation, it takes me to a page that makes me create a profile. It states, “To use this feature, you will need to sign up for a personal facebook profile.” How do I get around that? Have they changed their minds…again?

  22. Nicola Schneider says

    Do you know if one can go back? It looks like the person I am trying to help has NOT chosen the “I do not have a Facebook account” option… or is it necessary to start from scratch??

  23. Ryan says

    Nicola, if the page is already established they will likely need to start over from scratch. Although, I’d need to know the specific circumstances given Facebook’s recent page overhaul.

  24. says

    I have actually done this just as you describe (about 4 months ago), but I’m discovering that there are things I can’t do or see as a page admin with no profile. Specifically, apps that have tabs give directions about selecting “Add to my Page” in the left column that’s supposed to be there when I am on their (the app’s) page, but noooo. It’s not there at all. I attribute this to my “page” login not doing the trick. Have you noticed this or any other manifestations of page admin-itis?

  25. E Hattingh says

    Hi Ryan. I actually did this, and it worked perfectly well to set up the page and everything. But now I decided that I would actually prefer to link it to my profile (timeline) but I can’t manage to find the setting to change it. Can you possibly help me with this?

  26. Burkesk says

    what do you do about people sending you very harmful messages from a shell facebook page?

  27. ThatGirlAtTheParty says

    My employer wants me to set up their facebook page. I have a valid email but she also doesn’t want her name used. I already have an account and don’t know if I necessarily want another business linked to it or if I even can do that. I used the business name but FB saying it doesn’t look like a real account and is asking for my phone number which is linked to my other account so they won’t let me in!


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