Understand Anxiety to be a Better Communicator

You know the feeling.

The one where someone has made you flat out angry and all you want to do is call them or send the meanest email you could possibly write?

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We’ve all done this a time or two, but at the end of the day it’s probably not the best way to handle things.

The I’m Angry and You’re an Idiot Email

Play this out with me.

Lets pretend you just wrote an email and told Jake how stupid he is and ripped him a new one.

Hit send.

Do you actually feel better? Maybe for a shimmer of a second, but you likely won’t feel long-term satisfaction. Why? Because you probably still have to work with Jake in some capacity and based on your loving email he’s probably not your biggest fan, which means he’s not going to be on Team You.

Here’s a sample email.

“Jake, you’ve really pissed me off. Why is it that you have to be such an idiot and can’t deliver on your promises? I expect you to deliver tomorrow and if you don’t there’s going to be hell to pay. Stop screwing around and just do your job like a competent person would.”

There’s a better way to do this.

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The Art of Spending Money

A funny thing happens when your business makes money: you suddenly start to spend more of it.

Sometimes the extra spend is warranted and results in additional income, but other times you may come to realize that you’ve transitioned from spending only what’s needed to buying shiny objects “just because.” This thought process can also be applied to personal finances.

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How to Win

It’s those moments. The ones where your back is against the wall and it’s a make or break moment. That’s when you make it happen. Derek Jeter is the one of the finest examples I can possibly think of.

Emotions were high. The game was tied, and he was at bat in the 9th inning of his final home game before retirement… And he wins the game.

It simply gets no better than that.

Slow things down and see the moment. That’s how you win in sports, business and life.

Make it Happen for Yourself

At a very young age I knew I wanted to be a radio DJ. My mother probably thought it was a phase, but I was set on making it happen.

I started working at a skating rink when I was 14, and eventually worked my way up from skate rental to DJ. And I tell ya, going from handing out skates and touching peoples shoes to playing music was a big deal.

Fast forward a few years and I’d managed to start working at a Christian AM station. My shift was Sunday morning from 5 am – noon. I played church sermons via tape… for seven hours. There was nothing else in the world a 17-year old would have wanted to do. [Read more…]

I Quit My Job

March 28th.

That’s the day I fulfilled my six-week resignation period with my previous employer.

I had a great job and worked with wildly talented people at one of the top agencies in the world. But I quit.

I’m not crazy. I’m focused.

My small business, The Home T, has continued to grow and I found myself at a crossroads. I was either going to have to hire someone to continue building the business, or I was going to do it myself.

Once the thought of leaving my day job came to mind, it’s something I started to think day and night about. I also had extensive conversations with folks a lot smarter than myself to stay grounded.

It eventually became clear that breaking out on my own was the right thing to do, but it was a pretty terrifying thought. When you make a life altering decision like that all sorts of things come to mind. Some of which include:

  • Where will the money come from?
  • What if things dry up?
  • Will my current employer be mad at me?
  • Will my boss feel betrayed?
  • Will the new guy I just hired land on his feet?
  • Will my wife and her parents be on board?

Making the Jump

A “day job” gives you two things: structure and a steady paycheck.

Once the decision was made, it was if I took everything I’d learned thus far in life and shifted it so that the focus was on my company.

It’s quite strange at first and, in a way; you have to start looking through a completely different lens. You have to take all of your knowledge, and possibly tap experience you completely forgot you had, and shift how you think and work. It’s a heck of a ride to say the least.

I’m still a bit shy when calling myself an entrepreneur, but that’s what I am. I see opportunity and make things happen. It’s something I’ve done since I was 11 years old, and is something I’ve done at every job I’ve ever had.

The Story Continues

When I look back at the last 14 years, it’s been quite a ride. I started as a radio DJ, transitioned to marketing and PR, ran for political office, moved to NYC, got married and am now an entrepreneur.

There are plenty of defining moments that happened during all of that, and I’m happy to know that those moments will help me as I continue to grow personally and professionally.

How Facebook Turned Prospect Pitching Upside Down

Facebook has changed our lives socially, and it’s also changing how we do business, or for this articles purpose, it’s giving us an added tool to the marketing toolbox.

Ever heard of the custom audience option within the Facebook advertising dashboard? It’s been an option in more advanced Facebook advertising platforms for a while, but they are now bringing it to their standard advertising dashboard.

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The Art of the Email Pitch

We need to discuss the art of the email pitch.

You could be pitching the media, your boss, a new prospect or any other scenario you can dream up. When doing so, your pitch needs to be clear and concise. Period.

I’d like to share a little pitching secret (not really a secret) with you, but first, there are two important email pitching tips that will benefit you.

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