How Facebook Turned Prospect Pitching Upside Down

Facebook has changed our lives socially, and it’s also changing how we do business, or for this articles purpose, it’s giving us an added tool to the marketing toolbox.

Ever heard of the custom audience option within the Facebook advertising dashboard? It’s been an option in more advanced Facebook advertising platforms for a while, but they are now bringing it to their standard advertising dashboard.

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The Art of the Email Pitch

We need to discuss the art of the email pitch.

You could be pitching the media, your boss, a new prospect or any other scenario you can dream up. When doing so, your pitch needs to be clear and concise. Period.

I’d like to share a little pitching secret (not really a secret) with you, but first, there are two important email pitching tips that will benefit you.

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Are You Chasing the Right Goal?

When I was a kid one of my regular household responsibilities was to keep the garage clean. This included the lovely task of sweeping the floor to keep it clean of dust or anything else you wouldn’t want tracked inside the house.

In general, it was a drag, and the task was also used as punishment for over achieving bad behavior a time or two. And those instances are what I’d like to focus on.

When my mom gave the marching orders to go to the garage, it wasn’t necessarily because she wanted the garage cleaned, but more so because she wanted me to spend time doing something I disliked in hopes that it would prompt me to rethink my behavior.

But then, one day, I had the most genius thought.

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One of My Worst PR Nightmares

Years ago I worked at a camp for kids with chronic illnesses and was in charge of marketing and public relations. In my time there I helped the camp get a ton of press, but this story has to do with a specific three-month period.

During these three months I spent a considerable amount of energy trying to get NBC Nightly News to the camp. If pulled off, the hit would be one of the largest the camp had ever had, and it would help drive a considerable amount of donations and increase awareness.

The pitch eventually stuck, and before you know it, NBC Nightly News was coming to town. But this is when things went sideways.

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Small Business Owners Can’t Suck at This

There’s a lot that small business owners have to do right to succeed, but in my book, there’s one very important thing they can’t suck at.

Sucking at this thing just isn’t an option. That is, unless you love the idea of not having loyal customers.

My wife and I played tennis a lot when we were younger, and picked the game back up during our honeymoon a month ago. Once the first ball was hit it was if we became kids again and remembered how much we loved the game.

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My Unexpected Thinking Place

It’s that place.

The one where you can go and let your mind wander.

And more importantly, it’s a healthy place.

When I lived in North Carolina, “that place” was sitting on my bike while out riding 40 or so miles. It was peaceful, and a way my mind, in some ways, became free.

Now that I live in New York City, escaping is much harder, but I’ve found my spot, and it’s probably not a place you’d expect.

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A Fear that can Negatively Impact Great Customer Service

Providing great customer service in times of error requires one important element: honesty.

But there’s a fundamental problem people have with being honest during these situations. And it stems from your childhood.

It’s the fear of being in trouble.

No matter who you are, it’s a natural fear. But those that provide great customer service have learned how to deal with this “fear,” and are honest with customers and act as if they are in a partnership, and not in a me against you scenario.

Customers read this very clearly, and when they see your guard is down they’ll quickly appreciate your honesty, and that you’re trying to help. Granted, some people will take advantage of the situation, but the vast majority will not.

Fear is a natural feeling, but how you react to it will make a world of difference when it comes to customer service.

During a Crisis Communicate with Your Customers

Does your business have a contingency plan for when a crisis hits?

Specifically, if you had to quickly shutdown operations, do you have a plan in place to communicate the shutdown to your customers?

I ask this because a new vendor I’ve been working with – I’m the customer – has been problematic this month and owes me a chunk of money, and quite frankly, they’ve already made me pretty anxious due to their previous behavior. So, when a very important email I sent them on Friday went unanswered, the anxiety only got worse.

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Customer Service: Relieve Anxiety Before it Turns to Frustration

One reason people get frustrated is because they get anxious.

And they often get anxious, as related to business, because they don’t have information.

With that said, start to keep an eye out for your customers anxiety.

When you notice they are getting anxious, do your best to alleviate it before it turns to frustration.