Three Great Ways to Not Get Hired via LinkedIn

No matter if you are currently employed or without a job, searching for a new job can be quite the task. What I'd like to share with you today is three great ways to not get hired via LinkedIn. If you happen to be skimming this post, please make sure you clearly saw the word "not" in the

When Some of the Best Ideas Come to Mind

My wife recently had a birthday and the celebration with friends and family turned out great, but the planning process wasn't exactly smooth sailing. Planning group dinners for large parties in NYC isn't the easiest thing to do. Or, at least it's not for me. It's something that I'd add to the

The Best Type of Help You Can Offer

Do you enjoying helping others? Apparently, helping others is something remarkably happy people do quite often. But, the question is, do you actually know how to help people? Lets use the example of one of your friends that needs to lose weight.

Understand Anxiety to be a Better Communicator

You know the feeling. The one where someone has made you flat out angry and all you want to do is call them or send the meanest email you could possibly write? We’ve all done this a time or two, but at the end of the day it’s probably not the best way to handle things. The I’m Angry and

The Art of Spending Money

A funny thing happens when your business makes money: you suddenly start to spend more of it.Sometimes the extra spend is warranted and results in additional income, but other times you may come to realize that you've transitioned from spending only what's needed to buying shiny objects "just

How to Win

It's those moments. The ones where your back is against the wall and it's a make or break moment. That's when you make it happen. Derek Jeter is the one of the finest examples I can possibly think of.Emotions were high. The game was tied, and he was at bat in the 9th inning of his final home game

Make it Happen for Yourself

At a very young age I knew I wanted to be a radio DJ. My mother probably thought it was a phase, but I was set on making it happen. I started working at a skating rink when I was 14, and eventually worked my way up from skate rental to DJ. And I tell ya, going from handing out skates and touching